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SigmaTizm Version 1.1

SigmaTizm Screenshot

SigmaTizm is a standalone MIDI-enabled virtual additive synthesizer designed for live play.

Additive synthesis works by using a large number of sine wave oscillators at different frequencies to create complex musical timbres. It is based on the mathematical theories of Joseph Fourier and has been used in the popular Kawai K5000 series of hardware synthesizers. SigmaTizm has 128 harmonic oscillators, allowing it to create rather complex timbres.

No plugin host or additional software and hardware is required to run it. It should run on any windows PC created within the last 7 years. Additive synthesis is fairly CPU-intensive, so playing a large number of notes at once or configuring a large number of harmonics (>64) can cause high CPU usage which can result in sound glitches on slower systems.

To get started, click the folder icon to load a predefined "patch" and press keys on your keyboard or click the keyboard keys with your mouse to play sound. For detailed instructions, click the "?" icon to view the application's built in documentation.

If for some reason it complains about MSVCP100.dll when the app starts, install this: It's supposed to run as part of the installer, but sometimes it doesn't work.

Current Features:

  • Notes can be played using the computer keyboard and mouse.
  • Can be used as a controller of external MIDI.
  • Can be controlled via an external MIDI device (keyboard, etc.)
  • Additive synthesis engine with 128 harmonic oscillators.
  • Allows detailed point-and-click editing of harmonics.
  • User-configurable vibrato LFO with multiple waveforms.
  • Adjustable ADSR envelope settings.
  • 7-octave keyboard.
  • Separate attack and sustain harmonics for changing sound timbres.
  • Pitch wheel control lets you 'bend' notes up or down in frequency.
  • Click-and-drag to modify harmonics while sound is playing for interesting sound morphs.
  • Selection of sound output devices using ASIO, MME, or DirectSound drivers (on Windows).
  • Random saw, square, and triangle waveform generators to help with creative timbre experimentation.

Changes from SigmaTizm version 1.0 to 1.1:

  • Added extra waveform generators: white noise, pink noise, brown noise, random square, random saw, and random triangle.
  • More stock patches added (17 vs. original 7)
  • Better GUI DPI scaling for modern versions of Windows.
  • Improvements and fixes to patch saving and loading

SigmaTizm has had more than 52000 downloads.