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SampliTron Version 1.1

SampliTron Screenshot

SampliTron is a standalone software sampler designed for live play. It does not need a plugin host application and no additional software or hardware is required to run it. It uses the DirectX XAudio2 libraries and should work on any Windows computer less than 7 years old.

SampliTron is ideal for musicians who want to add samples and sound effects to live performances without the complexity and expense of a complicated hardware sampler setup.

Beginners new to the creation of sample-based music should also find this to be a useful tool for experimentation and learning. SampliTron can be used quickly, without needing to read a complicated two-inch-thick manual.


  • Control via external MIDI device.
  • Notes can be played using the computer keyboard.
  • Can generate MIDI controller data and be used to control external devices.
  • Keyboard configurable to show from 3 to 7 octaves.
  • Allows detailed splits with a different sample for each key.
  • Allows using .WAV samples of different bit depths and sample rates.
  • Automatically scales pitch of loaded samples.
  • Auomatically generates keyboard splits.
  • Easy to see which keys have samples loaded.
  • Includes 400 high-quality samples.

Getting Started

It is very easy to use. To get started, right click on one of the keys to load a sample. Click "Browse" to select a .wav file and click "OK" when you've selected one.

SampliTron Sample Settings

Once a sample is loaded, you can play notes using the keys of your computer keyboard, with each row of keys playing the notes of a different octave. You can also load multi-sample "patches" by clicking the folder icon. There are a few of them bundled with the program, and with the registered version you can create as many setups as you like for quick recall.


If you have an external MIDI controller, SampliTron will respond to note data. To change MIDI settings, you can click on the circular MIDI connector icon.

SampliTron MIDI Settings

You can use any MIDI input device connected to your computer to trigger SampliTron. Be sure to set the input device and channel to match your MIDI controller's connections. To use SampliTron as a MIDI controller like you can with Proxima Controller, check the "MIDI Output Enabled" button. If it's lit, you'll be transmitting note data to the selected MIDI out device when you trigger samples with your computer keyboard.

Sample Library

SampliTron includes samples from, our library of free .wav files. The samples are royalty-free and can be used for any creative purpose. They're nothing you can't download yourself, but the SampliTron package will save you the time and effort required to download samples to work with (180 samples are bundled in the demo, and 400 in the full version).

All of the included samples were recorded and edited at 24-bit quality. When done, they were converted to 16-bit. Because of this they have higher audio quality than most samples recorded and edited at only 16-bit resolution.

SampliTron requires the DirectX Runtime in order to use XAudio2. If it fails to start, you may need the redistributable found on Microsoft's site at

Changes from Version 1.0 to 1.1

  • Changed blue sample indicators to always show at the top of the key if a sample has been specified for that key.
  • Full version sample library expanded from 220 samples to 400.
  • Demo version sample library expanded from 120 samples to 180.
  • Added a few preset patches to release version.
  • Updated wxWidgets libraries and updated user interface for Windows 10.

SampliTron has had more than 46000 downloads.