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MIDI Player Version 2.12

MIDI Player Screenshot

Get MIDIPlayer for OSX

MIDIPlayer is a free MIDI file player with detailed file information display including individual track details (including title and note data).

MIDIPlayer lets you to select any MIDI interface present for playback and can be used to play a file through an external synthesizer or MIDI device.

It is a complete rewrite of an older Windows XP program (MIDIPlayer 1, released in 2006) that relied on DirectMusic, which is no longer supported by 64-bit versions of modern Windows. Instead, it has it own MIDI decoding and playback engine and uses the RtMidi libraries for output.

Changes in MIDIPlayer Version 2.12

  • Note pitches were reversed in the track visualization, with high notes showing up toward the bottom of the track view. This has been fixed.

Changes in MIDIPlayer Version 2.11

  • Added pause button.
  • Fixed a screen redrawing problem when loading a new file after one has already been loaded.

Changes in MIDIPlayer Version 2.1

  • Improved file loading.
  • Added some error handling for loading files with incorrect track length set.

It's come a long way. Version 1 looked like this:

MIDI Player has had more than 25000 downloads.