Audio Software for Windows


AlgoRhythmia screenshot

AlgoRhythmia is a drum machine with sample playback and MIDI support. Supports beat programming and generates random drum patterns.

Beat Composer

Beat Composer screenshot

A mobile drums workstation for iOS.


CheckBeat screenshot

A free software drum machine that can be programmed by checking boxes. Supports .wav-file-based sample playback.


DrumPads screenshot

DrumPads is a virtual drum kit that can be played with the mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, or MIDI controller.

MIDI Player

MIDI Player screenshot

A free program for playing MIDI files.

Proxima Controller

Proxima Controller screenshot

A free virtual MIDI controller designed for playing sounds on external MIDI devices such as synthesizers, tone generators, and drum machines.


RoboBlather screenshot

A free text-to-speech synthesizer that lets you use your computer to read any text aloud. Allows saving the output to a .wav file.


SampliTron screenshot

A virtual software sampler with MIDI input and output support.


SigmaTizm screenshot

A free virtual additive synthesizer with MIDI input and output support.


SpaceTheremin screenshot

A free virtual mouse-controlled theremin.

Vorbital Player

Vorbital Player screenshot

Vorbital Player is a free OpenAL-based mp3, ogg vorbis, wav, aiff, snd, and wavpack music and audio file player.

Other Applications

We no longer support or distribute many of our older freeware desktop applications. Source code and installers for these apps are available on GitHub.

Bass Tuner - A free MIDI-based bass guitar tuning program for Windows.

Drumming Dummy - Simple drum pad software.

Genre Playlist Builder - The Zeta Centauri Genre Playlist Builder lets you generate a playlist for songs of a specific genre from your music collection.

Guitar Tuner - A free MIDI-based guitar tuning program for Windows.

Sample Rate and BPM Calculator - A free Windows calculator for quickly getting a sample rate, BPM, or semitone shift value when changing the pitch of audio.

Song Length Finder - The Song Length Finder lets you search a large music library for songs of a specific length. It's handy for designing playlists of a specific length.

ZetaTag Auto-Renamer - The ZetaTag Auto-Renamer automatically renames a library of music files to match a standard format.

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