Audio Software for Windows


AlgoRhythmia screenshot

AlgoRhythmia is a drum machine with sample playback and MIDI support. Supports beat programming and generates random drum patterns.


Bass-Tuner screenshot

A free MIDI-based bass guitar tuning program for Windows.

Beat Composer

Beat Composer screenshot

A mobile drums workstation for iOS.


CheckBeat screenshot

A free software drum machine that can be programmed by checking boxes. Supports .wav-file-based sample playback.


DrumPads screenshot

DrumPads is a virtual drum kit that can be played with the mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, or MIDI controller.


Guitar-Tuner screenshot

A free MIDI-based guitar tuning program for Windows.


MIDI-Player screenshot

A free program for playing MIDI files.


Proxima-Controller screenshot

A free virtual MIDI controller designed for playing sounds on external MIDI devices such as synthesizers, tone generators, and drum machines.

Robo Blather

Robo Blather screenshot

A free text-to-speech synthesizer that lets you use your computer to read any text aloud. Allows saving the output to a .wav file.


SampliTron screenshot

A virtual software sampler with MIDI input and output support.


SigmaTizm screenshot

A free virtual additive synthesizer with MIDI input and output support.


SpaceTheremin screenshot

A free virtual mouse-controlled theremin.

Vorbital Player

Vorbital Player screenshot

Vorbital Player is a free OpenAL-based mp3, ogg vorbis, wav, aiff, snd, and wavpack music and audio file player.

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