Websites Created by Zeta Centauri

WbSrch WbSrch - An independent search engine.
WbBrowse WbBrowse - A WebKit-based tabbed web browser for Windows and Linux.
StampsCoinsNotes StampsCoinsNotes - A gallery of high-resolution images of stamps, coins, bank notes, and other collectibles.
Free Wave Samples Free Wave Samples - High-quality .wav samples for free.
SoundProgramming.Net SoundProgramming.Net - Synthesizer, Sampler, and Drum Machine Manuals.
Silica-Gel Silica-Gel - A gallery of silica gel and desiccant packets.
Processor-Specs Processor-Specs - Detailed specifications for CPUs and GPUs.
SFFDB SFFDB - A database of science fiction and fantasy movies and television.