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Releases and Updates

2015-10-08: The AlgoRhythmia drum machine is now free, open source, and available on GitHub.
2015-10-07: The popular additive synthesizer app Sigmatizm is now free and open source, available on Github.
2015-10-06: We are retiring our desktop apps. If you can't find something, it's probably availalable on our GitHub account.
2015-09-20: We've released a new version of the TikBew web browser with HTTPS and multi-tab support added.
2015-07-27: SoundProgramming has a YouTube channel with demo videos for many synthesizers and drum machines.
2015-07-25: We've added an effects section to soundprogramming.net so you can get manuals for your effects processors and pedals.
2015-07-24: We've added a section to freewavesamples.com that organizes samples by General MIDI instrument to make it easier to find specific instrument sounds.
2015-06-27: We've added a lot of new samples to Free Wave Samples, including many drum and synthesizer sounds.
2015-05-21: We've added an electronic wind instrument section to SoundProgramming.net.
2015-05-10: We've added a home keyboard section to SoundProgramming.net.
2015-04-05: We've modernized SoundProgramming.net and have added a lot more music equipment.
2015-03-26: We've modernized Free Wave Samples and added some new drum samples to the site.
2015-03-22: We've shut down some of our less popular sites. They'll redirect here, so if you ended up on this site unexpectedly, that's why.
2014-05-25: We've released a simple web browser called TikBew.
2013-11-02: I-Collect-It is now StampsCoinsNotes.
2013-10-30: Zeta Web Directory is now WbSrch.
2013-10-07: Added processor-specs.com to the Zeta Centauri network of websites.
2013-09-26: The Vorbital Player is now available for Ubuntu Linux via the Ubuntu Software Center.
2013-09-14: The SigmaTizm virtual additive synthesizer is now available for Ubuntu Linux via the Ubuntu Software Center.
2013-08-15: Proxima Controller is now available for Ubuntu Linux via the Ubuntu Software Center.

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